About us...

Swansea Camera Club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Welsh Photographic Federation.
Meeting on Monday nights (currently via Zoom), we have a weekly programme - open to all - and welcome anyone who is interested in any type of photography, from experienced professionals to novices with their first camera or mobile phone!

Our club programme is packed with talks by well-known visiting photographers who show their work and explain their techniques. We have monthly competitions for members (and with other clubs) in both prints and digital images.

We also organise regular photoshoots - both in studio and out on location. However, you can simply enjoy the social atmosphere of like-minded people,
and don't forget the fountain of knowledge our members have - to help you with any technical questions, or problems you may encounter!

The Benefits of Club Membership...
Joining us as a member gives you access to a great range of benefits, including:

· Enabling photographers of all abilities to meet and discuss all aspects of photography with like-minded enthusiasts.

· Covering all aspects of photography and aiming to appeal to photographers at all levels, which includes interesting speakers,
  practical evenings, photoshoots, social meets, photo walks and more.

· Providing technical help and support.

· We willingly share knowledge, and run informal critique nights with positive suggestions on improving your images.

· Members can participate in competitions and workshops, all in a friendly, social atmosphere.

· Members can access highly-discounted studio photoshoots with professional actors and models.

Becoming a member is really great value, at just £52 per year!
However, you are more than welcome to visit the club on a trial basis of one month.
If you think the Club is for you - we ask you to join as a full member... If not, simply walk away!


Our History
Swansea has been a popular camera club for many years, and we are proud that several eminent 19th Century Swansea citizens played a major role in popularising photography in the mid-1800s, when photography was in its infancy.
John Dillwyn Llewellyn and the Reverend Richard Calvert Jones (two founder members) were instrumental in advancing the science of photography.
Reference to the formation of a Camera Club in Swansea appeared in a local newspaper - The Cambrian on the 3rd February 1861. It reported the formation of a photographic society for Swansea and the surrounding area.

This society evolved into the current Swansea camera club you see today.