Our club is changing - and we think its for the better!

More practical photography nights, model photoshoots (on location & studio!), great guest speakers & more!

About us...

Swansea Camera Club is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the Welsh Photographic Federation.


It's not all about competing, you can also just sit back and relax and enjoy the social atmosphere of like-minded people. But don't forget the fountain of knowledge our members have to assist you in any problems you may encounter. Please come and find out what we are about and we look forward to seeing you in our clubroom sometime soon...


We welcome photographers of all levels and skill, from beginners to advanced, and in all branches of photography - natural history, landscape, social documentary, portraiture and travel and of course the use of a variety of techniques, including digital imaging.


We present Talks by well-known visiting photographers, who show their work and explain their techniques, Internal Monthly Competitions for prints and digital projected images, contests against other local camera clubs and access to many International Competitions and exhibitions.


The club values its traditional photographic routes, without shying away from the latest digital technology.

The fact that Swansea is a popular camera club, should come as no surprise to devotees of the art, as several eminent 19th Century Swansea citizens, played a major role in popularising photography in the mid 1800s when photography, as it became known, was in its infancy...


William Henry Fox Talbot and two of his relatives, John Dillwyn Llewellyn and the Reverend Richard Calvert Jones (Two founder members) were instrumental in advancing the science. Their work laid the foundation of present day, chemical based, photographic processing.


With this in mind, research notes a report which appeared in a local newspaper The Cambrian on the 3rd February 1861.

It reported the formation of a photographic society for Swansea and the surrounding area - the objective being the advancement of the art and science of photography, by the reading of lectures, discussions, exhibitions of photography etc The Cambrian felt it would be a useful means of scientific research. This research establishes beyond doubt, some form of Club was formed.